Mobile Advertising is driven mostly by innovative mobile web startup companies worldwide, but mobile consumers have not been receptive to ads served on their smart phones. Mobile Advertising promises to be a very good opportunity for marketers and advertising agencies to capture the attention of consumers on the go. How exactly that can be accomplished without creating nuisance for mobile phone users is the million dollar question that mobile advertising startups are focused on solving.

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Apple begun the process of the mobile ads revolution with the purchase of Quattro Wireless for a whopping 275m. 2010 will see a lot of other acquisitions.

Mobile Advertising has the potential to be a highly engaging, lucrative market opportunity. It presents
Marketers and advertising agencies an interactive new media channel to engage billions of consumers around the world. Location based ads will be taken to another level this year. The App Store continues to record location based Iphone products. Google’s location based search made a lot of difference. Mobile users will be receptive to mobile ads if it is highly related to their needs within a specific location. I don’t mind subscribing to served with ads that are related to my needs or wants. Applications that are built with high concentration on user satisfaction will be useful to mobile users. Mapiz has a lot to offer this year. The question is Will 2010 be a mobile advertising year

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