Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference 2010
The Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference is an independent student-run organization of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The following startups made presentations at the conference which was held on February 19th 2010 at Philadelphia. Two categories of startups made presentations: Student-startups and startups.

The student- startups includes:

Bionée manufactures and distributes dedicated organic maternity and baby skin care.

CampusYap is targeting real-time and location based services Their solution for schools and colleges will allow students and faculty to interact in real-time while being local.

Gamma Basics is an agile software development company focused on radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, and radiology applications.

Hydros Bottle LLC seeks to address the global water crisis and reduce the consumption of disposable water bottles by providing safe drinking water in a stylish, reusable water bottle with a built in filter.

Juncanoo is a Mobile interactive guide and audio tour services for cultural institutions, tourist institutions, and trade shows.

PayDivvy is a provider of real-time shared group payment services, primarily for roommates and other social groups. PayDivvy was a 2009 Wharton Venture Award Winner and 2009 Wharton Business Plan Competition Finalist.

Philadelphia Walking Tours offers fun tales of the personal and public lives of fore fathers.

StorageByMail.com is a unique alternative to traditional self-storage warehouses that enables users to ship packages to and from a centralized warehouse. It caters to nomadic professionals, students and military service members that want access to storage from anywhere.

UTurn is an automated page turning device designed to provide musicians with hands free, nod-activated, multi-directional turning without the hassle of pre-loading pages.

Wall Street Oasis (“WSO”) is a one of the largest web communities of finance professionals including current and prospective investment bankers, traders, researchers, consultants, private equity and venture capital professionals.

Warby Parker seeks to transform the international eyewear market by designing its own brand of prescription eyewear of the highest quality and design aesthetic and selling that eyewear to young, discerning customers on its e-commerce boutique for less than $100.

Startups that made presentations are:

Career Intercom is the only place where job seekers and consultants privately exchange job search information.

Ecquire allows salespeople to immediately send marketing materials and contact information on the go, using any mobile phone.Salespeople can use Ecquire to see which emails were opened, which links were clicked, and which documents were downloaded by the recipient.

PlaySay empowers busy people to extract value from any idle minute with the most practical language learning on the go.

ReadySetWork is a patent-pending web-based mobile scheduling and communication tool which enables a manager to quickly create work schedules based on employee availability, receive confirmation of acceptance from employees, manage time-off and shift swap requests.

RJMetrics provides hosted business intelligence software to online businesses.

Superfluid has created a p2p virtual currency, called Quids, that it currently enables in b2b and non-commercial c2c implementations.

Venmo is a way to pay and get paid by sending text messages. Building your financial network on Venmo makes exchanging money with your favorite people, shops, and services more fun and easier than ever.

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