Startup Weekend Boston took place between 4th and 6th June. The program witnessed 15 teams who presented startup ideas. The following teams took turns to present their ideas, progress made so far and lessons learned over the weekend. Startup weekend presents its attendees with networking, team building and learning opportunities. The weekend was fully packed with coding, more coding, business planning, prototype building all in 54 hours.

The final presentation teams for the weekend in Boston Included:

# – @stuffpass – “Bunk savings without the bunk”
# – @bandocksus – “Helping local musicians find more gigs”
# – @hocopost – “Take Control of your online reputation”
# – @referralbonus – “Watch for Jobs, Refer a friend, you get paid”
# – @cogentmobile –
# – @factolo – “Making things better”
# – @workwithmeorg – “Social Co-Working”
# – @poundvs – “Pound your friends”
# – @chirashigeo – “Create fun, useful, or cool experiences around places”
# – @grindstone – “Cooperative Venture Capital. Help people build & own businesses together.”
# – “No Pie In The Sky. For Entrepreneurs. By Entrepreneurs.”
# – @day2niteheels – “Convertible heels for work or play”
# – @VidiculusVideo – “Snark & Heckle”
# – @noderabbit – “Go-Live In Five”
# – “New England Innovator’s Revolution”

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