Africa is an expansive and growing mobile market. With mobile phone technology spreading so rapidly across the African continent, there are so many opportunities to reach out to Africa’s mobile population. The adoption numbers and usage models found in Africa point to a population who has quickly taken an enabling technology and woven it into their daily lives. The following are a few mobile applications that have been implemented in different countries across the continent. The market is still young for innovative mobile applications that can serve the continent which is inhabited by roughly 1 billion people.

Africanpixel-The Kenyan based app developer were one of the first East African companies to develop products aimed at the iPhone.

Letigames-Leti games builds Mobile games for the iphone.

Iyam.Mobi- A mobile phone based directory
Ikatiba- A mobile application on Whive the East African start-up, which promotes the use of native languages.

M-Kesho- Mobile based e-Payment banking initiative aimed at Eastern Africa

Mxit-Mobile IM Client from South Africa with a global userbase

Paga-Mobile based payment platform from Nigeria

Ushahidi-A platform which Crowd-Sources crisis information

Cred: A micropayments and subscriptions service that allows you to monetise your text, audio or video content. The Cred API can be deployed with any content management system and allows for the purchase and redemption of Cred at content partners.

Feeperfect: Permitting any user to find the mobile contact number of anyone registered on, using either SMS or the web. Feeperfect are building, and permitting anyone to build, quality SMS services people are willing to pay for.


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