Groupon has been a massive success in the United States. It’s a deal-of-the-day site, with projected revenue of US$500m in just it’s second year of operations. This has attracted a lot attention from the web technology industry and giants like Google even offered to buy them for $6B, but they refused the offer.

Rupu is a similar site as Groupon has been launched in Kenya this week. The word comes from the term “marupurupu“, which is a freebie, something small handed out in the employer-to-employee relationship (could be considered a bonus). Rupu was built by three members of the iHub. Rupu uses Jambopay, which handles local mobile payment options Mpesa and Zap, as well as Visa.

How it Works

Groupon has a lot of clones in the Europe. It looks like a deal site can be replicated for a lot of communities and localities in other parts of the world. The clone continues, but when exactly it will stop depends on level of interest of the market being served.