Contentville is the first ‘platform’ to extend the award-winning WordPress CMS with its customization, intelligent support and full-service options, created by Content City and Jiva InfoTech. Contentville’s panel seamlessly integrates with WordPress 3.0 to accommodate any use, for beginners and pros alike. ‘Contentville’, a platform that extends WordPress 3.0 to create a web content management system (CMS or WCM) experience will be officially launched by new year.

“Whether you are a beginner or a pro, designing a professional website or publishing a blog you can be more efficient with Contentville 1.0, due to release by January 17, 2011. With over 25 pre-designed skins and powerful customization options, Contentville provides the opportunity to experiment with unlimited combinations” says Kyle Kaynak, Chief Content Strategist of the Content City.

Contentville Features
Main Galleries
# Several image effects
# Custom gallery height and image width/height
# Text, images, buttons on galleries

Twin Skin Mode
# Main body and header/footer colors can be changed separately.
# Skins can be changed for individual pages.
# Innumerable skin combinations and more coming with each new version.

Post Gallery Options
# Images can be lightboxed, linked, zoomed or cropped.
# Video and other custom resources can be embedded in galleries, posts, and pages.
# Post order in galleries can be rearranged.
# Text on pages and posts can be resized (jQuery).
# Custom page and post titles/ subtitles/ menu descriptions.
# Content border ON/OFF and customization with uniquely styled selections.

Sign up for a free copy of the full platform available to the first 100 subscribers and to try the free skin they have uploaded on the WordPress theme directory.

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