Groupon has been a sensational startup in 2010. The company has been in the limelight in the last quarter of 2010. Google made a bid to buy them out , but they refused Google’s Offer of $6billion. Since then Google has been hunting for another Groupon to buy. And if the purchase of another Groupon does not happen before the year ends, then watch out for these startups. Once of them maybe on the list of Google to add to the over 80 startups acquired already.

Groupon business model is daily deal + group buying/shopping + discount platform.There are businesses with similar concept but they may not be “clones”. Some have different niches and methods. Some may have been in existence earlier than Groupon.

Businesses with Group Buying concept:
1. Play @ savvy circle
2. BuyWithMe
3. Qponus
4. Deals.livingsocial
5. Sangabo
6. Ihergo, Taiwan’s version of Group Buying site. (you may use Google translator to view)
7. Pikaba
8. GotoGroupBuy
9. Let’s Groop
10. Gruuby
11. Pudgin
12. MyDala, India’s version.
13. PurchasingDept
14. Crowdsprout
15. GroupBuyingEdge
16. eWinWin
17. FoodBuy
18. Prime Advantage
19. Broadlane
20. The Buying Group

The big question is can these companies survive and which of them could Google Buy in 2011. There are hundreds out there in almost every continent. Add a group buying site you know which is not on this list.

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