Nokia Pakistan awarded TenPearls 1st Prize for its mobile application uTrack in a competition held for the first time in Pakistan with an aim to identify best Local Apps. Nokia awarded the first prize of one million rupees to TenPearls for winning this competition organized for apps that were most relevant to the Pakistan market.

uTrack allows users to get organized with their daily personal and work-related tasks with to-do / post-it virtual walls, allowing users to define and manage tasks through a user-friendly interface.

uTrack Application is available across multiple platforms, and is available for download from Nokia’s OVI store, Apple’s iTunes, and Android Market. The application is soon to be released for Windows Mobile and the Blackberry Playbook.

As facilitators for the developers’ community, Nokia has set higher expectation for TenPearls and we see TenPearls as our long-term partner in various initiatives,” commented Rabia Nizami, Solutions Manager, Nokia, Near East.

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