Precede Your Friends Name With The @ Sign

# To get started, just type the @ sign.
# This will prompt a Facebook wizard that will say “Type the name of someone or something”.
# As you continue typing, Facebook will suggest friends whose names closely match what you have typed. Once the name of the person you wish to tag appears, just click on it.
# In addition to tagging people, you can also tag your Facebook fan pages, events, applications, and groups.
# Your friends will see the message you sent or the update and not the @sign.
# The friends name you referenced will appear as a hyperlink, and friends who click on it will be directed to that friends page.
# Mutual friends will go straight to your referenced friend’s wall.
# Friends that are not Facebook friends with the referenced friend will be directed to that friends public profile.
# The friend you tag will receive a notification that you tagged them, and copy of your post will be added to your friends wall.
# Your friend will also be given the option to remove the tag you placed if they do not want to be tagged by you.

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