1. Marketing your business and yourself is a way of life, not as an expense.
  2. The only reason to be in business is to create a customer-Peter Drucker
  3. Without promotion, something terrible happens—nothing!-P. T. Barnum
  4. The first use for search metrics is figuring out what shape you are in right now.
  5. Estimate your outcome to show the potential impact on your organization.
  6. Stop Persuading, Start Engaging
  7. Do not shout. Do not broadcast. Do not brag. Speak like yourself
  8. Give people something they can relate to.
  9. Social media is essential to your organization. Make it a team effort!
  10. Customers, especially loyal followers, want to be up to date on the latest.
  11. Ask for Feedback from Users
  12. Tweet quotes that resonate with your business or personal philosophy.
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