SHARE makes it easy to distribute music all across the social, mobile web with 1-click share, and all of your audience feedback, (play counts, comments, likes, RTs, etc) is aggregated in the loop.

And with dynamic prompting and buttons, audience engagement and artistic achievement is much deeper and more rewarding. is kind of like Hootsuite for bands and it allows musicians to share a song across Facebook, Twitter, etc, as well as track how fans are digging their jams.

* They make it simple to share music all across the social, mobile web
* The site aggregate audience feedback from everywhere online
* It creates dynamic feedback and unique encouragement

How it works

#Sign up, connect your Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube (and soon Tumblr, Vimeo, and WordPress) accounts, and upload a track.
# Click a button and your music is instantly shared everywhere. And not just a link.
# Where we can, we directly embed your song right into the post, so your audience can easily find and interact with your track.

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