# Over 300,000 mobile apps have been developed in three years. Apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times. But demand for download mobile apps is expected to peak in 2013.
# The most used mobile apps in the US are games; news; maps; social networking and music. Facebook, Google Maps and The Weather Channel rule.
# The average download price of a mobile app is falling rapidly on all vendor app stores, except Android.
# 1 billion people will access financial services by mobile by 2015.
# There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (that’s 77 percent of the world population). Growth is led by China and India.
# Almost one in five global mobile subscribers have access to fast mobile Internet
# Most popular activities on the mobile Web are mobile search, reading news and sports information, downloading music and videos, and email and instant messages
# M-commerce is predicted to reach US$119 billion in 2015
# On eBay alone consumers bought and sold over US$2 billion worth of merchandise on via mobile in 2010.
# M-ticketing will be used by more than 1 in 10 mobile subscribers in 2014
# In the last twelve months, customers around the world have ordered more than US $1 billion of products from Amazon using a mobile device,” – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of (July 2010)
# Google’s gross revenue from mobile advertising is over US$1 billion per year
# US mobile ad spend will exceed US$1 billion in 2011
# The number of apps available on the Android Market increased by approximately 127% since August 2010, while the Apple App Store grew at a relative rate of 44%
# If each market continues to grow at the same rate, the Android Market will have more apps than the Apple App Store by mid-2012
# Android Market reached 130,000 applications in the U.S. by Dec. 31 2010.

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