# By 2015, there will be 265 million mobile broadband subscriptions in Africa
# InMobi , an advertising company claims to reach 50 million Africans through nearly three-billion ad impressions monthly
# Mobile subscribers in Africa have reached 448.1 million, this according to Ovum Research
# There will be almost 360 million users of mobile-money services on the continent by 2014
# 69% of Africans are very or somewhat comfortable with mobile advertising
# Consumers view “helping me find new information” as the number one benefit (45%) of mobile advertising
# In exchange for mobile ads on their phone, consumers prefer a relevant message (57%) over 10% savings on the phone bill (55%) or free content (49%)
# BuzzCity reveals worldwide growth in mobile advertising of 17%. South African traffic grew by 18% with more than 700 million impressions, Nigeria traffic however dropped 27% with over 100 million impressions and a whopping 116% growth in Kenya with just above 500 million impressions
# The most appealing calls to action for consumers included click to call (30%), Viral or Social Media (24%) and then content, search, and purchase at 20%.

Data courtesy Inmobi and Buzzcity

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