Starting a business requires some level of skill and financial planning. Whatever your reason for starting a business, and whatever type of business you are starting-there are some universal best practices for budding entrepreneurs. Financially you can either count on savings or look into receivable financing, an easy method to convert sales on credit terms for immediate cash flow. These tips, steps and advice are gathered from the minds of successful startup icons who have succeeded in their various fields of endeavors and web businesses.

  1. Address a Real Problem
  2. Don’t Just Mimic, Get Help
  3. Stand out from the crowd
  4. Take that a step further: get a mentor.
  5. User experience is everything- Evan Williams
  6. Great products almost always come from someone scratching their own itch.
  7. Be a user of your own product.
  8. Think about how fast you could possibly get to the market and then get there faster.
  9. Stop Focusing On the Business Plan, Get Moving
  10. You make your product, your community designs it.
  11. Cultivate an agile culture
  12. Do not re-invent the wheel
  13. Get PR people who understand your space
  14. Launch your product at a conference
  15. Create demos, videos, pictures, and slides
  16. You need to distill your product and the message into something easily digestible
  17. Understand that major media coverage will not happen overnight
  18. Focus on Solving One Puzzle at a Time- Scott Heiferman
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