Sequoia Capital On Startups Revisited

Sequoia Capital On Startups Revisited

* Start with zero-based budgeting.
* Cutting deeper is the formula to survive, and this is an era of survival of the quickest.
* Make sure you have one year’s worth of cash.
* If you have a product, reduce expenses around it and boost sales. If the product is ready, cut the number of engineers.
* Focus on building the absolutely essential features in your product.
* Be brutal when it comes to marketing — anything that isn’t working, cut it.
* Don’t burn through your cash, for cash is king.
* Cut base salaries on sales people and leverage them with upside.
* Most importantly, be true to yourself.* Cut spending. Cut fat. Preserve capital.
* Throw out the models and spreadsheets, because all assumptions will be wrong.
* Focus on quality.
* Reduce risk.

Courtesy Business Insider


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