TellFi, is one of Y Combinator’s newly launched startups. It lets you handle call forwarding, voicemail, extensions and even call analysis with ease and from a super simple web interface that business owners or administrators can understand.

How TellFi works:
You choose a U.S. or Canadian area code, then choose a phone number from a drop-down menu. This is your TellFi number. You can then configure your TellFi number to do a few interesting and useful things.

Receive calls on any phone
Route calls to any number with extensions, after-hours scheduling or call-forwarding. So wherever you are, your calls will be there too.

No hardware or ‘IT Department’ necessary
Configure your account yourself. Everything you need is accessible from an easy-to-use web interface.

TellFi works with the phones you have. So, unlike VoIP, you still receive calls if your Internet connection is down.

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