Tutamee lets you find the best there is of anything out there. All you do is to ask what the best is and let the community debate and vote on choices that have been provided.

It could be as simple as ‘What is the best business school in the world’ or ‘What is the best Chinese restaurant in Ghana’ or ‘What is the best men’s boutique in New York’ or ‘What is the best fashion website’ or ‘What is the best Investor Group in US’ or ‘Who is the best CEO’ or ‘Who is the best comedian in US’ or ‘What is the best photography school in Maryland’. The list goes on. You ask it.

Sign up and share what you think is the best now.

You can spark debates, make statements and vote for what you think is the best.

Tutamee is a Meltwater Incubator company based in Ghana.


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