Create And Share Short Media Stories With The New Blurb Mobile

Create And Share Short Media Stories With The New Blurb Mobile

BLURB MOBILE is a fun and quick way to create and share short media stories using your iPhone. With your VIDEO, PHOTO and AUDIO media you can create engaging interactive visual stories.

Simply import and sequence your media to create a great story….tap share, and your network of friends and family will receive your latest Blurb Mobile story. It’s that simple. Blurb Mobile is your creative expression platform.

Blurb is known for two things: helping people to tell their stories visually and then enabling them to share their work directly with their audience. To date, the medium of choice has been the printed book; but that’s all changing. With the release of Blurb Mobile, people will now be able to capture life’s great moments – large and small, in wonderfully rich story form and then share their stories on the fly, using any media on their phone including voice, video text and image”, said Blurb’s CEO and founder Elleen Gittins in a statement.

- Quickly create fun visual stories using Blurb Mobile.
- Import your PHOTOS, VIDEO and AUDIO assets.
- Direct access to iPhone’s camera and camera roll.
- Easy editing of media: rotate, crop, scale, drag and drop sequencing.
- Attach audio clips to images.
- Text caption each image.
- Share a story on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or, EMAIL.
- Instantly create and share from a social setting, travel location, a personal moment, or an important event.
- Organize your photos and video by stories.
- Each Blurb story can be tagged for location.
- Compatible with iPhone’s using iOS 4.0, or later.

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  1. Pauly

    Using V1.02 of Blurb mobile. This app is major new direction for photo / media creation sharing apps. You can quickly sequence your photos and videos into a story on your iPhone. Images can be annotated with audio and text captions. It took me about 3 min to learn the app….and another 5 to create my first story. Bring able to compose a story and put serious thought into what your trying to communicate is a new experience on the iPhone. Yes, I can make short, stories and blast them out….but, I can also see how can make meaningful expressions that might have impact. So, move over photo filters with comments, Blurb Mobile is onto something.

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