Do@ is a mobile search experience, built just for the iPhone. Do@ launched today with an iPhone app and a $7-million investment from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and says it has a new way of searching that’s not only better, but will also bring a more open approach to the current Google-controlled market.

Start by typing a short query, which can be as simple as a movie title, a band, a product or any other subject or topic.Instead of links, your results will appear as web-apps from the best publishers and app developers.

Do@ covers everything you wish to do with your phone, from a single convenient search box. It covers Movies, Music, TV, Shopping, News, Technews, People, Sports, Cooking and much more.

Co-founder Ami Ben-David said in an interview before the Do@ launch that the current way we search for information on a mobile device is too cumbersome, since it usually involves typing words into Google and then scrolling through a list of links, trying desperately to find one that has the information we’re looking for — and isn’t a confusing mess on a mobile screen.

Ben-David says he and his two co-founders, all serial entrepreneurs from Israel, decided to reinvent how that process works for a mobile and social world. Says Ben-David: We wanted to change the whole paradigm of who answers your question when you do a search. With Do@, it’s not a central authority — it’s the sites and the publishers themselves who tell you directly.

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