– http://spy.appspot.com-monitors blogs, social networks, and comments

– http://www.ubervu.com/ lets you monitor and analyze the buzz
http://www.simplify360.com lets you monitor Twitter, FB, Blogs, News, Forums and videos.
– http://www.omllion.com enables you to monitor, measure, analyse and engage form a customisable dashboard that features sentiment analysis, geo mapping, collborative workflow management, media distribution, etc. Begins at ($120/month)
– http://www.radian6.com/
– http://www.workstreamer.com/ Is the premier business listening platform that collects, analyzes and delivers select content from hundreds of thousands of business information sources daily.
– http://www.buzzient.com provides a next-generation solution for social media analytics and integration of this valuable content with enterprise applications.
– http://brandmonitor.position2.com – Brand Monitor is a real-time listening platform, with analytics, demographics, millions of sources. Free Trial.
– A TweetDeck column that searches for any mention of your company
– Google Alerts
http://www.beevolve.com/ – monitors blogs, social networks & video platforms. Offers sentiment analysis, Geographic analysis & competitive analytics. They have a separate package for startups at a cheaper price .( starts at $29.95, which is cost effective for startups)
– Socialmention.com
– www.hootsuite.com for high twitter activity
– http://www.wikio.com/ twitter search klout and peer index score
– http://www.millwardbrown.com/ they have an impressive list of clients and some proprietary tools
– http://www.swixhq.com suite of apps for helping companies manage and monitor their online brand
– http://www.actionly.com/ Social Media Monitoring & Listening Platform

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