1. “We’re going to demote the PC and the Mac to just be a device,” said Steve Jobs in his keynote address at Apple’s WWDC conference today. “We’re going to move your hub, the center of your digital life, into the cloud.”
  2. iCloud is integrated across Apple desktops and mobile devices to ensure that all of your computers can synchronize contacts, calendars, email, apps, music, photos, and more.
  3. iCloud, Jobs notes, “stores all your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it out to all your devices” with a trademark Apple slickness so that “it all just works.”
  4. You get 5GB of free space for documents, mail, and backup (which is the same amount of space offered for free from
  5. Automatic daily backups to the cloud from your iDevice will protect your data from loss (particularly useful for precious photos) and it’ll automatically recognize new devices when you buy them.
  6. You can access a tune stored on one device via the cloud interface, so if you buy a song on your iPhone, it’s automatically available on your Mac or iPad as well.
  7. iTunes® in the Cloud lets you download your previously purchased iTunes music to all your iOS devices at no additional cost, and new music purchases can be downloaded automatically to all your devices.
  8. iTunes in the Cloud is available now in the US and requires iTunes 10.3 and iOS 4.3.3. Automatic download of apps and books is available today.
  9. Using iCloud with a PC requires Windows Vista or Windows 7; Outlook 2010 or 2007 is recommended for accessing contacts and calendars.

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