1. Social Network Monetization – Deeper Insights – By Sampad Swain
  2. 10 Tips For Monetizing Social Traffic Through Virtual Currency – By Anu Shukla (Inside Facebook)
  3. 5 Ways to Monetize the Future of News Media – By Lauren Indvik (Mashable)
  4. User Growth vs Revenue (Why “Free Only” May Limit Growth) – By Sean Ellis (Startup Marketing)
  5. Why It Pays to Give Away the Store – By Katherine Heires (Business 2.0)
  6. How To Create A Profitable Freemium Startup – By Andrew Chen
  7. Struggling To Monetize Web 2.0 – By Dion Hinchcliffe (Social Computing Journal)
  8. Innovation In Business Models [VIDEO] – By Jeff Raikes
  9. What’s A Startup? First Principles – By Steve Blank *
  10. Business Models On The Web – By Michael Rappa (Digital Enterprise)
  11. The 5 Most Innovative New Online Business Models In 2010 – By Rohit Bhargava (Open Forum)
  12. 5 Business Models For Social Media Startups – By Jun Loayza (Mashable) *
  13. My Favorite Business Model – By Fred Wilson (A VC)
  14. Business Models For Startups – By Steve Blank

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