A new social sharing button, launched by CrowdSauce this week, caters for businesses looking to engage with loyal customers or website visitors. In the same way that businesses can add the Facebook ‘like’ or Twitter ‘share’ button to their page, CrowdSauce let’s the business add the ‘Reward Me’ button to their page.

Customers selecting the button can then register with Facebook Connect and share their ‘Reward Me’ request on their Facebook wall. The process builds a database for the business of people pressing the ‘Reward Me’ button and provides options for businesses to promote deals to their customers via either daily deals or self-service membership packages.

Through people can ask for deals at over 17 million business locations and build the crowd based on interest in receiving a deal from any business via the website and mobile applications.

The ‘Reward Me’ button, as an extension of this service, puts the business owner in control of their customer crowd. The system enables a range of business benefits including social media marketing, location based marketing and full integration via the CrowdSauce API.

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