These are some good startup and entrepreneurial readings worth investing a few minutes of your precious time reading. I believe you can benefit from them:

  1. Starting your Startup – Joe Stump
  2. Andy Rachleff  on Entrepreneurship from a VC perspective: Andy Rachleff 
  3. Sitting is Killing You – Medical Billing
  4. Achieving Product-Market Fit: Horowitz
  5. Hacker Monthly May 2011 – a collection of startup stories in PDF format
  6. 21 Lessons Learned from 16 Years of Hustling – Amy Hoy
  7. 13 revenue models: Techcrunch
  8. The importance of being lean and being able to pivot: Techcrunch
  9. Getting to 1000 Users is the Easy Part, Keeping Them is the Hard Part – Jared Brown
  10. The World’s Best Boss is Standing in the Mirror – LifeDev
  11. Chris Dixon with a good quick summary of how to raise a seed.
  12. Startup Launch Lessons From Color – Rocket Watcher
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