If you travel a lot, at least once a month, for business or for pleasure, some of these apps will be useful for your journey. Whatever phone you have, be it an iPhone, iPad, a Blackberry, Nokia or an Android, It’s no secret that your traveling experience can be made a lot easier by downloading useful mobile apps for your trip. Check out some of these mobile apps to create a stress free trip.

AirBnB: great app for finding and booking apartments.
Broadcastr: location based audio guide to various places in the world
MTrip: tourist itinerary generator for travel
FlightAware Flight Tracker:Track Your Flights in Real-Time
Weotta: local artificially intelligent itinerary generator
Cheap Gas:figures out your location and shows you where the nearest gas stations are and their current prices
TripCase: gives you continually updated flight delay and gate status for your flights
JiWire Wi-Fi Finder:tells you where the next little puddle of Wi-Fi will be
BePut enables you to share your whereabouts with people
Waze :enables drivers to build and use real-time road intelligence
Convert Currency Quickly: instantly find exchange rates between more than 90 currencies
Panorama:lets you capture the visuals of your travels on a larger scale
HopStop:find out the best train or bus route in the city you’re visiting
Spot On: Social matching app for finding local restaurants based on what your friends like
GeoTrio: Audio tours of various cities
NavFree GPS :voice direction navigation and auto-rerouting
Google Earth will ‘fly’ to your present location, show you geo-tagged photos from users worldwide
Skyscanner: A quick and convenient way to find and book flights from any location to any destination
Travel Money Monkey: This app converts all currencies and gives you the best and latest foreign exchange rates
HearPlanet :tells you what attractions are nearby and then plays the Wikipedia description aloud.
With Tweetie you can send vacation pics and witty comments from afar
WorldClock: for keeping track of different time-zones
TripIt can connect to your Gmail (or Google Apps) account to import trip data
PackTM: a bag-packing app that’ll let you put together your bag inventories for multiple trips
Hotel Tonight: provides same-day hotel bookings at last-minute discount prices
Flashlight :turns the entire screen a bright white (or other color you choose)
Air Sharing: A handy way to bring along important computer files without lugging your computer when you travel
Sit or Squat: uses the built-in GPS to locate the nearest lavatory
Urban Spoon: can help you to find a restaurant that matches your taste and budget in some 50 cities
flook: is a local search and discovery tool. It lets you can discover places to go, things to do, restaurants and bars, local secrets, events.
Tuscany+ :it’s in augmented reality and gives hotels-restaurants-museums and clubs or pubs where to go out at night!
My Vacation allows you to create a travel journal all on your iPhone
LocoTrivia: is a great way to learn about the world around you

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