CloudMagic provides search across multiple services, viz. Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs, Calendar and Contacts. You get a unified view of the search results. CloudMagic also shows search results as you type. Additionally, you can configure multiple accounts, say – your personal and official accounts to get combined result.

With CloudMagic you can access fast search of your Gmail and all your emails contents with NO Internet connection.

CloudMagic is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The currently supported platforms are Windows XP and above, Mac OS X 10.5+ & Linux (32- & 64-bit) kernel versions 2.4.x and above. It currently supports Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs, Calendar and Contacts.

Only relevant text data is indexed so that the size of index is only a fraction of your total data. For example, CloudMagic don’t index attachments, images or any binary (non-text) data.

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