Once every week I highlight awesome articles about startup that I didn’t write. These are some of the best startup articles I came across this week.You can bookmark for reference or share with a friend who is an entrepreneur!

  1. 10 Good Reasons to Hire a Grown-Up – Susan Kim
  2. 5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make [VIDEO] – By Jeff Kaplan
  3. 33 Quotes To Fuel Your Entrepreneurial FlamesBy Adam & Matthew Toren (Young Entrepreneur)
  4. Success in startups takes time. It’s a long, long road. – Jason Freedman
  5. Startup Launch Lessons From Color – Rocket Watcher
  6. 37 Pithy Insights From Street-Smart Entrepreneurs – By Dharmesh Shah (OnStartups)
  7. ShoeFitr: The company Amazon must buy immediately – Startup Foundry
  8. Idea to paying customers in 7 weeks – how we did it – Buffer
  9. Are You Really An Entrepreneur? – By Bernard Lunn (Read  Write Web)
  10. My Experiences as a Female Software Engineer – Jean Hsu
  11. Wannabe Entrepreneur Symptoms and CuresBy Gabriel Weinberg
  12. 36 Startup Tips: From Software Engineering to PR and More!by Alex Iskold (Read Write Web)
  13. 10 Little Known Factors that Affect Your Conversion Rate – Kiss Metrics
  14. 14 ways to be a great startup CEO – Jason Baptiste
  15. 21 Lessons Learned in 21 Weeks at a StartupJason Shen  from iSocket
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