1. 5 Steps to Building a Successful Niche
  2. Startups: Don’t just collect my email-Phil Anderson
  3. Making all the decisions yourself –Stephen Wolfram
  4. Grow first and make money later- Andrew Chen Blog
  5. Sell the emotional benefits first –The Startup foundry
  6. Your product is not the product –Ashmaurya
  7. Classic startup mistakes-Foundora
  8. Entrepreneurs: What To Do If You Don’t Have An Idea-Onstartups
  9. Bootstrap marketing –Spencerfry
  10. The right funding strategy-Information arbitrage
  11. Finding a great startup advisor –Humbled Mba
  12. Advice for a young entrepreneur –Stubble blog
  13. Gabriel Weinberg’s startup advice flowchart –Gabrielweinberg
  14. Your job as a CEO –
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