AppShopper allows you to quickly find, for instance, the top apps. AppShopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies. Organize apps in your own customized Wish List and automatically get notified when there is a sale or update.

AppShopper opens with a list of what’s popular highlighted in the top left app menu. 20 items are shown, but scrolling down auto-reveals the next 20 and other lists as well. AppShopper has the ability to notify you of price drops of your desired apps. This is done using a “Wish List”. When you find an app you’d like to buy, simply tick the “Want it” box, and AppShopper will add it to your “Wish List”.

Features include:

– Popular Apps: Overwhelmed by the App Store? Our list of popular app changes lets you browse a list of only the apps that other AppShopper users think are worth looking at.

– What’s New: Track all the latest changes to the App Store: price drops, updates, and new apps.

– Wish List: Add any app to your own personal Wish List and get notified of price changes or updates by email. With Push Notifications, you can get the latest updates sent directly to your device.

– My Apps: Keep track of the apps you already own. With Push Notifications, you can get the latest updates sent directly to your device.

– Syncs with Wish List and My Apps automatically sync with so you can manage your lists in a web browser.

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