Your Startup Failed. Why?

Your Startup Failed. Why?

This post is meant to aggregate reader lessons on why your business failed. A lot of startups don’t get past first year of operations. This question would be relevant to only people who actually tried and failed. A lot of entrepreneurs have learned lots of lessons from their previous failures and have moved on to startup successful businesses.

Some reasons for startup failure:

-Wrong people working on the right idea
-wrong hiring hence poor management
-Too many dependencies for your business to succeed
-Wrong business model
-You may have also been behind competition
-You were swallowed by the competition
-You gave up because you were cash trapped
-Maybe your investors pulled out
-Approach to market was not done right.

SHARE YOUR FAILURE LESSONS WITH READERS IN THE COMMENT BOX. whatever your reason for folding up your business, we would like to hear about it. You can also share this post with an entrepreneur who can share his or her lessons with us.

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  1. akvalechha

    most businesses fail not because of doin something wrong but primarily because of not doin anything at all, just sinking your head down when market is down, not learning from mistakes and not adapting to the changes happening in the market, refusing to change the way you work, refusing to move your BUTT.

    Its the top management that is responsible for most of the failures…..dont forget that although business survives only when it makes profit……the pourpose of doin business is not profit…its the business itself….if u dont feel for it u wont work hard with heart, mind, body, soul all into it….success is achieved thru BLOOD SWEAT TOILS & TEARS. If dont like, feel for your business your efforts will always fall short makin it a half baked cake……….hence a failure within short time.

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