1. Startup Articles, Advice And Readings For The Weekend-bhorowitz
  2. The Future of Startup Funding-Paul Graham
  3. Lessons From Startup School 2011-Gregory Koberger
  4. Achieving Product-Market Fit (Horowitz): bhorowitz
  5. The importance of being lean and being able to pivot:- MG Siegler
  6. Sequoia Capital (VC Fund) on how to write a business plan:-Sequoia Capital
  7. How to raise a seed- Chris Dixon
  8.  How to pitch a VC-Dave McClure
  9. Building the initial team for seed stage startups- Andrew Cheng
  10. Six Principles for Making New Things-Paul Graham
  11. Success in startups takes time. It’s a long, long road. – Jason Freedman
  12. 20+ pitches from the new 500Startups cos- Andrew Chen
  13. Amazing lean startup resources- Eric Ries
  14. The World’s Best Boss is Standing in the Mirror – LifeDev
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