There has never been a good time to start your business than now. Entrepreneurship is a career option with uncertainties and risks but it pays. The bold, persevering, passionate and committed entrepreneurs with smart goals always get to their destination. If you have just started a business or intend to start a business in 2012, these resources will be useful and handy. Share with a friend who is an entrepreneur or aspires to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice. – Peter Drucker

  1. Rock Health- The Startup Handbook
  2. Alltopstartups- How To Build An Insanely Great Team
  3. Quicksprout- 10 Timeless Business Tips From 10 Millionaires 
  4. TED- Ted Talks on Entrepreneurship
  5. HumbledMba- How to find a business cofounder that doesn’t suck
  6. Alltopstartups-11 of The Best Strategies For Finding Talent For Your Startup
  7. Inc. Start-up- Advice for founders of start-ups and start-up entrepreneurs
  8. Mixergy – Success stories of startup founders and lessons for other entrepreneurs
  9. Alltopstartups-16 Must-Read Articles For Tech Entrepreneurs
  10. Fourhourworkweek- How to explore and develop a business idea
  11. Gabriel WeinbergGabriel Weinberg on raising VC money
  12. Paul Graham- How to start a startup
  13. Alltopstartups- 15 of The Best Blogs By Startup Founders
  14. Marketing Pilgrim- Social Media Marketing Beginner’s Guide
  15. Steve Pavlina- 10 Business Lessons From a Snarky Entrepreneur
  16. QuickSprout- 10 Timeless Business Tips From 10 Millionaires 
  17. Alltopstartups- 20 of The Best Startup Articles You Should Read
  18. Reuters- 11 Business Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Me
  19. Times- The 50 best business blogs
  20. The startup Daily- Great ideas from Great books
  21. Alltopstartups- 17 of The Best Startup Articles On Alltopstartups
  22. Mashable- How to develop disruptive ideas
  23. Business Insider-Start with a prototype

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