According to recent studies, more and more now people are using smartphones to surf online. For instance, over Christmas 2011 alone 18.3% of net traffic came from smartphone users according to IBM. In addition, ForeSee estimates that up to 38.0% of smartphone owners now use their mobile device for shopping.  Hence for business owners, it has never been so important to develop a net presence that accommodates these users.

How to appeal to customers that are more likely to visit your site using an iPhone than a PC?

Mobiquity was established in April 2011 to help businesses establish a presence that targets the growing mobile web audience.

More specifically, it does this by helping businesses develop applications that play to the strengths of smartphones. For instance:

  • They developed an application for WeightWatchers that enables users to scan the barcodes of food items and find out the nutritional information.
  • They developed an app for York Hospital in Maine that enables people to found out appointment waiting times or refill prescriptions.
  • They developed an app for Sony that lets users stream TV and movies.

In particular, these applications demonstrate that it isn’t the point of the mobile web to recreate a desktop experience.

Instead, the goal is to create an app that is convenient enough for smartphone users to use on a daily basis.

Given the growing mobile web audience, it could hence be worth thinking about how to incorporate an app when you redevelop your website then!

Michael Smith


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