Cloud-based storage solutions like Dropbox and SugarSync offer file sharing, sync and backup application for millions of users globally. Dropbox initial storage space is limited to 2GB. SugarSync enables its users to backup, access, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and movies so that you can access them from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or any other device. SugarSync provides users with a 5GB account for free.

Maxxo, a newly launched online file sharing service for your documents, photos, videos,  music and more is also offering you 5GB free storage accounts for a limited time.

Maxxo’s system was developed around the drag-and-drop functionality. If a user wants to share a file with a friend, or with 20 friends, it’s just a matter of a quick drag of the mouse.

How Maxxo works
To sync files between computers you click the “sync” button at the top of the Maxxo application and all your selected computers will soon have the updated version of your file library. From that point on, your folder syncs automatically – though you can always manage which devices you sync between. Maxxo is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux –

Maxxco  allows you to have 100GB of storage and send files up to 20GB in size. The premium unlimited package gives you 200GB of storage and can send files of any size! Check out the  Maxxo’s Plans & Pricing page for all the details.

“Sharing has never been this simple and straightforward. We like to think of ourselves as cloud-based file sharing, sync, and online backup – for normal people.” says Maxxo CEO Vedran Sisak.

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