Serviced Office Solutions for Business Startups

Serviced Office Solutions for Business Startups

Serviced offices provide companies of all sizes with an instant, flexible and easy to use office space solution. In essence, they are ready-made offices which typically come fully equipped with furniture, telephone lines, internet access, reception and kitchen facilities. Many serviced office spaces also include personnel who are on hand to provide building and infrastructure support.

As well as being extremely beneficial to large and corporate companies that are looking for project, overflow and swing space; serviced office spaces can also be of great value to business start ups and companies with limited trading histories.

Flexible benefits
Business start-ups and companies with limited trading histories can often find serviced office spaces to be far more beneficial than conventional leases. Indeed, the flexible tenure of a serviced office space along with the minimal capital outlay, nominal rental deposit and limited need for any kind of guarantees makes it the ideal choice for fledgling companies that are looking to firmly establish themselves.

Virtual offices
Virtual offices can be another great option for business start-ups as they offer everything a serviced office provides without actually leasing or renting a physical office space. Virtual offices have addresses and utilize telephone answering services to give customers and clients the impression that a company occupies a building; however the company is only there in a ‘virtual’ sense. Virtual offices can provide companies with a professional image while all the while saving them considerable amounts of money.

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  1. Lizzie

    I agree I think that <a rel="follow" href="">Virtual offices are a great alternative for start up businesses. Some of my old colleges have moved onto virtual offices for financial reasons and it can be a really big adjustment in terms of productivity at first. I think for a start up company it is great because employees are familiar with it immediately and can also significantly keep costs down and flexibility high.

  2. Grace Nolan

    Virtual Offices are definitely a great idea for if you just want a professional appearance but do not need to use the space of an office. It will give you a professional image, you have use of client services and meeting rooms when you require them and you can have a professional telephone and fax number for your company. If working from home is easier for you and you want to keep the costs down, then having a Virtual Office is something to think about.

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