Keeping track of your bills, expenses and balancing your personal accounts is not fun, but CoinKeeper wants to make personal financial management  a simple process and fun as well.  CoinKeeper is a budgeting app that takes a unique and  visual route to achieving control of your finances. The app encourages you to set savings goals, recurring transactions, limits for expense categories, and budget fulfillment tracking. The app’s UI that makes the routine process of recording daily purchases easy and fun.

Key features include : Quick start with autobudgeting mode, Multiple accounts and currencies, Add transactions in couple of seconds – just drag a coin from the account you want to charge into an expense category, The fill level and color of each expense category instantly shows where you’re overspending. The apps also has a game mechanics that stimulate smart budgeting.

In an interview granted to the Guardian, lya Chernetskiy, head of product group at developer iFree Innovations, explains what’s innovative about CoinKeeper:

-it’s amazing how little financial management tools have changed over the years. Games are changing much faster and with the beginning of the iPhone era they have rapidly evolved from button-controlled to touch-based, but finance apps are still mostly “tables and charts” with lots of fields to fill about transactions.

So we took a different approach – the main screen of the app represents all your income sources, accounts and expense categories in a form of coin icons. To make the transactions simple you drag an account icon (i.e. Cash) and move it to expense category (i.e. Street food), type an amount and press “Today” (or “Yesterday” or choose another date) to finish.

CoinKeeper  has been available for iPhone and iPad users for sometime now , but it landed on Android a few days ago.

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