There are a few important things that every business owner wants and should want – profit, productivity, efficiency and most importantly employee accountability and security. Without employees, a business just isn’t quite what it should be. So how does a business enhance their employee accountability and security? Are there special tips and tricks? Are there any useful technologies that can assist with this? The answer is “Yes.” Take a look below to see how you can enhance the accountability and security of the employees in your workplace.

Adopt the Use of Biometric Technology in Your Office:
A great way to enhance security at your workplace, as well as assist in the role of increasing accountability is to adopt the use of biometric devices. First, you may be wondering what biometric technology is. Biometrics is the identification of an individual based on his or her unique physical traits such as fingerprints, retinal patterns and even patterns in the voice. Biometric devices are used for security and attendance measures by confirming the identity of a person through one of these physical characteristics. For example, perhaps you adopt the use of fingerprint scanners in your workplace. In order for an employee to clock-in for their shift, or to be granted access to the office, they would first have to scan their fingerprint on the device. The fingerprint scanner would then match that scan to a previously recorded image of the employee’s fingerprint. If a match is confirmed, the employee will be clocked in for their shift and granted access to the office. Other types of biometric devices include retinal scanners, voice recognition devices, hand punch scanners and facial recognition devices.
Since biometric devices require such unique information from individuals, it is almost impossible for them to be tampered with. When you use systems such as swipe cards or punch clocks you may deal with such things as:
• • Lost or stolen time cards
• • Forgotten usernames and passwords
• • Time card fraud
Issues like these could allow for errors in employee accountability and could pose as a security risk for your workplace. Biometric devices remove this risk for error and security breaches.

Pair Your Biometric Devices With a Time and Attendance Software:
Now you may be wondering how these devices are supposed to record and track employee hours and attendance. The answer is through the use of time and attendance software. Biometric devices used on their own will most definitely provide an increase in security for your workplace, however in order to effectively track employee hours and attendance and enhance employee accountability, there is more that needs to be done. Time and attendance systems allow you to automatically import employee data into your existing payroll software. When an employee clocks in, their information and hours will be automatically uploaded into the computer system. There will be no more need to manually log employee hours and attendance, which means fewer chances for error.

Not only will this software increase efficiency of data collection, but it will also hold employees accountable for their proper shifts. No longer will employees be able to lie about the hours they worked, as it will all be automatically logged through the biometric devices. This also means that issues such as “buddy swiping”, when one employee clocks in for an absent employee, will be eliminated. If an employee wants to be paid for a shift, they will have to be physically present at work in order to clock in and out, since the devices require the employees unique physical information.

Watch the Benefits Rise With Your New Biometric Time and Attendance System:
Once you have adopted and installed your new biometric time and attendance system which combines the use of biometric devices with a time and attendance software, you will begin to see an increase in all the important areas stated at the start of this article – especially employee accountability and security. The use of this system will allow for an increase in efficiency as less time will be spent manually inputting data into the computer for payroll. As well, employees will now be encouraged to be at work in order to be paid for their shift and your HR personnel will have more time in a day to complete other tasks which will lead to an increase in productivity. Increases in productivity and efficiency naturally lead to an increase in profit as well which will benefit your company and all of its employees. While all of this is happening you will be assured that your workplace and its employees are protected through the use of your new biometric system, which will enhance the overall security in your business. So go ahead, adopt a biometric time and attendance system for your company and enhance the function of your workplace altogether.

Author Bio: Adelaide Irene was a Human Resources Manager for 10 years before giving up her career to become a full time stay at home mom. She has now turned to blogging to stay up to date with the industry. One tip she has is when choosing your Time and Attendance system, make sure to research and read many  reviews before deciding on what system is right for your business.


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