A lot of people have a certain attitude and entrepreneurial spirit and passion that is suited for startups. And they know they have to work in startups where they can constantly try new ideas and be part of something promising with potential. The good news is you can get your dream job at a startup and get into the tech world if you can persist and not give up trying. In a startup a lot of emphasis is placed on energy, enthusiasm, passion and a real drive to want to make a difference, so highlight your transferable skills when applying for your next startup job. But don’t expect to get huge salary and benefits when joining a startup. Startups often work with lean budgets, but they often have stock options which can pay in the long run. These sites are just for finding startup jobs, good luck in your search for your startup job.

37signals job board
Crunchboard Jobs
Careers @ StackOverflow…
GitHub Jobs
Authentic jobs
Startuply –
jobdreaming —
Mashable Jobs–

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