Preventing the Deadly Effects of Mould

Preventing the Deadly Effects of Mould

Mould is a fungus that grows on food and in areas of the home. Mould spores are a common part of household dust and are impossible to truly get rid of, but they provide certain health hazards to humans such as respiratory problems, but don’t worry – mould can be contained.

–Analyse the Problem Areas

Take no notice of the adverts that say that you can mould proof your home because it is impossible – to put it bluntly. However, making a home mould resistant is a possibility.

Before making the decision to get products that can help tackle mould, assess where the mould actually is. There is no point getting all the cleaning products before realising the mould is in places your particular spray or solution can’t get to.

Essentially, a homeowner should do an audit of their home. Areas where condensation appears or where there are water stains could be places that need to be tackled. If mould continues, it can be devastatingly dangerous for occupants and the house itself.

–Purchase Mould Resistant Products

Once you get an idea of where the problem areas are, it’s time to move onto the mould tackling products. There are plenty of very good products that are adept at removing mould, and these can be found at good retail stores.

However, the simplest way to get rid of mould is with bleach and water. Therefore, with a good once over on a regular basis using a powerful bleach, mould problems can be managed.

–Ventilate Properly to Reduce Moisture

Mould needs moisture to grow. To tackle this, it is important to find wet areas and dry them right away. Areas that might have this problem include any flood damaged parts of a house, as well as other things in the home that haven’t clearly dried.

It’s advised that wet items shouldn’t be left to dry around the house, and to further stop the growth of mould it’s imperative that your house is properly ventilated. Routine activities in the home can encourage the growth of mould.

This is why when moisture arises it needs the chance to filter out of the home properly. Rochburn can help with a window openers to accommodate this need.  Subsequently, you can use them to reduce the chance of mould for the benefit of your home and health.

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