Meet 10 local startups worth watching in Utah.These startups were porfiled in businessQ magazine.

Zoobie Pets
A creator of patent-pending stuffed animals that turn into pillows and blankets.Zoobie® Pets embody an innovative and patent pending 3-in-1 concept. Each pet is a plush toy, a soft pillow, and a comfy blanket all in one—the perfect childhood companion.Zoobie Pets manufactures the pets and has a collection of pets for children.Collections comes in a bright, multi-colored sets.Founded in 2007

KS Marketing, Inc.
KS Marketing, Inc. is a privately held company. They sell retail and wholesale products primarily in the scrapbook and craft industries. KS Marketing ships and distributes to all 50 states and to over 40 countries worldwide.KS Marketing, Inc has several divisions, including Retail, Wholesale and Product Education. The company was founded in 2008.

A developer and marketer of mobile and Web applications, particularly with Apple products.Avantar is a sister company to Yellow Pages, Inc. and is focused on local advertising. Millions users users conduct local searches for businesses and entertainment advertisers on a monthly basis through their mobile and web applications.They promote business, products or entertainment ads. The company was founded in 2008.

A provider of online HR/talent sourcing software and services.EnticeLabs utilizes and builds technology for sourcing and recruiting. EnticeLabs’ flagship product is TalentSeekr: a multi-pronged technology solution that empowers employers to target top talent while reducing recruiting cost. TalentSeekr is a one-stop platform that reaches out to the best candidates through websites online (social networks, niche blogs, trade sites, user groups, forums, job boards, etc.) using targeted advertisements in every available format. EnticeLabs was established in 2007 with backing from the founders of Omniture.

A company that connects businesses with consumers in the marketing arena. Services include : DataInsight™ segments your data by 300 data variables.DataAppend™ includes contact information missing from your database. DataScore™ highlights high-conversion opportunities within your data.DataAdd™ delivers high-performing data for your marketing efforts. DataManage™ provides full service data management and direct marketing.Founded in 2009.

Direct Pointe, Inc.
Direct Pointe, Inc. (DirectPointe) is a Utah-based Managed IT Service Provider offering a full suite of managed IT services to both businesses and now individuals. DirectPointe commenced operations in March of 2000 .The managed IT service solutions provide one payment and one point of contact for customer’s complete computing needs.

Infuse Medical .
Infuse Medical provides exposure to medical device manufacturers . They have developed a category of agencies to respond to the continual need for measurable education and online digital marketing.Whether it’s professional education, sales training, trade show loops, or digital direct-to-consumer marketing.Founded in 2007.

A Restaurant with a huge web presence .A gourmet slider joint inside the newly-built Timpanogos Harley-Davidson resort.

Get Limed
A full-service graphic design firm With prestige in Utah

Haws Mechanical
Haws Mechanical is a fully integrated mechanical contractor bringing experience to projects in various niches of specialty mechanical contracting and systems assembly. Areas of specialization include recreational residential, resorts, condo/apartment complexes, environmentally controlled production areas, food processing plants and areas, pharmaceutical production, medical centers and facilities and schools.