Aaron Patzer, the founder of mint.com made this 45 minutes presentation on how to build startups.Questions like How do you begin the process of finding cofounders and employees, creating a corporation, handing investors, growing the company have been answered by the founder of mint. There are lots of details about building a startups that are usually a mystery to the newly initiated founder.He has done good job by describing how he started mint and made it a 170 million dollar company. This is the video of the presentation .You can also read the document of the presentation on techcrunch . Building startups takes a lot of sacrifice and perseverance. Startup founders take the risk to start a journey that is not guaranteed to end as expected.Aaron Shares his experience from the beginning of the journey to the present day mint.Patzer shows how he raised and spent money, and generated revenue, throughout the lifecycle of Mint.All startup would be startup founders need to read or watch this.Let me know what you think of his presentation.

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