I read a lot of blogs and follow their rss to be updated daily on new blog posts. I have even setup a google reader account and populated it with a lot of them.I am just about launching a startup and needs to know what information is out there that may in a way help me stay informed about startups and the trends that are shaping them.I stumbled upon a post in the google reader blog last week and the links I identified were incredible. The post is titled: Looking for great stuff to read . Whilst on the google reader blog check out the their blogroll. Its even easier to stay updated with their blog recommendation if you have a google reader account. Just add the feeds to your reader account and you are good to go. The top 100 blogs by Technorati has also been of immense help to me.You will find it useful.Select your best options from there too. For technology savvy teachers who wants to stay educated this list is a must have..

Startup founders find inspiration from startup stories shared by other founders. I have found this link from Y Combinator useful..Do not forget to share your links too.

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