In part one I touched on a lot of topics, But I will be more specific in this post.

  • Personal finance
  • Consumers are not satisfied with the service personal finance startups are offering.No wonder Aaron Patzer broke on with There is still a huge opportunity for software entrepreneurs in this market. You can provide a niche service out of the huge complexity that surround organizing one’s personal finance.

  • Social Media Analytics
  • The explosion of social media applications is overwhelming both for personal use and business connectivity. Consumers will demand analysis of their footprints on various social media platforms. I personally want to know what iI can do with all the network of friends and colleagues on Twitter and LinkedIn. I want to be able to find which of my connection on all my social media presence online can offer the best assistance moment I need it. It could for a career shift or an expert advice. Businesses on the other are demanding analysis of their brands on all social media and how best to respond to them as soon as possible. Bantam live has started to aggregate social media activities for project collaboration(social CRM). There are a lot of other companies that provide analytics for enterprises that cut across websites and all form of web presence analytics, but what I am talking about is a niche that serves only the social media market.

  • Outsourcing Directory.
  • A lot of companies are outsourcing their IT department to a more cost effective option. There are so many outsourcing companies to choose from. A single portal that concentrates on delivering an aggregation of all the outsourcing companies with special focus on usability can have a breakthrough.
    Companies like Global Service Directory has been around for sometime, but we need new companies that can serve startups and give a more elaborate options.

  • Mobile advertising
  • Adsupported mobile content will continue to grow,Startups in this market have not been able to convince consumers that the ads in their mobile content is of relevance to them. Mobile advertising will continue its upward path as advertisers look for better and more targeted ways to reach consumers. The most significant increases will be seen in adsupported video content and in more passive formats like ingame advertising. Nearly 270 million mobile advertising banners were served in the United States during the third quarter of 2008( Mobile Marketer).New companies will find new ways of serving mobile ads, do not be left out.

  • Real Time Web
  • Real time web for consumers and businesses alike is still young. Twitter is kind of close but there is still a lot of work to be done.Microsoft may try it with bing .Real time search holds a lot of potential, but who whoever makes that breakthrough effectively will be bought by google or microsoft.If you can associate social graph or digital foot with it, you will exit gracefully.Watch out for google wave..You may not be able to do what google has done with the wave,but there is still opportunity for you.

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