I have been reading a lot of materials and resources to equip myself and prepare adequately before I finally meet the my investor and present my idea to him. I have read lots of startup books through the journey, and I am still reading and learning to make this dream and journey worth my effort. I want to present you the resources, blogs, articles, posts, videos, podcast that have contributed immensely to my personal development as a software entrepreneur. I have grouped them into the different categories of resources ranging from idea generation all the way to expanding the company into a corporation. Mashable has a complete list you may find useful.

Generating ideas for business can sometimes be a difficult endeavor if you consciously decide to set a time to do that,because for it never worked.I keep an idea journal and records all ideas that I think will be interesting to explore. How then do you get ideas for startups if you dont keep a journal.You could ask me that. What I do pretty well is exploring trends and predictions by experts who are good in their own fields. Good startup ideas can also be generated by simply mashing up a couple of successful ideas out there and present it as a new one.The next time you are asked how do you come up with startup ideas? ,do not hesitate to direct them to read this post. I will write about exploring the idea further when you have finally made a choice in the next post.

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