Startup ideas are cheap, I should say,there are so many ideas that have been kept in journals, PowerPoint presentations, word documents and even folder locked files. Ideas are of no use if you are not making the necessary steps to expose it to the public and solve somebody’s problem.The problem you have identified can be shared and I bet you somebody has thought about that same idea before. Nobody can tell whether that idea can be a hit as you imagine.That is why venture capitalist can make a mistake by refusing to be a part of you journey.Do not get me wrong, not all ideas are able to survive first year of its launch.But with determination,commitment and the right team, you can take it to the top. These pitches or ideas were presented to a panel and little did they know that their ideas will make a huge impact on the world. Your brillant idea can be nurtured, tweaked and modeled to solve huge problems. If you decide to cultivate and nurture your startup idea with community support, do not hesitate to visit ideazinger for help. If you have nurtures your idea and want to seek funding for launch, there are a few places to look without necessarily going through a VC, you can try Kickstarter for a change. crowd-funding of ideas. is not a bad option. Read this article for more options on what to do with you idea