Each year entrepreneurs take the opportunity the year presents and develop various products for both consumers and businesses. 2009 witnessed a lot of startups from all sectors of the technology industry. Readwriteweb conducted a survey and asked its readers to vote for the products they have used and select the top ones for others to take note.The following products made it to the top the top ten.

Aardvark was voted the best real time product.The service allows users to ask and answer questions through a network of friends via IM, iPhone application, Twitter, email or web interface.

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The best location based product went to Foursquare.Foursquare is a location-based social application where users check in on their iPhone at various businesses and compete against their friend network for points.

Appsfire was judged the best iPhone App Recommendation startup.Appsfire offers a great way for users to share their favorites.

Collecta was voted as the best Real-Time Search application. Collecta offers real-time search with a variety of results including blog posts, photos and Twitter and Identi.ca posts.

Twitter App Discovery went to Oneforty . OneForty is a marketplace where Twitter developers add their applications for discovery.

MOG All Access came on top as the best in the All-You-Can-Eat Music category.MOG is a blogging network. The company dazzled its users with their unique features including a discovery bar slider where users can play streaming radio and tweak the flow of recommendations to their liking.

Web TV product of the year was taken by Clicker . Clicker is considered the TV Guide for Internet television. It has 400,000 full episodes from 7,000 shows and features a DVR-like playlist and integration with Facebook connect.

Evri emerged as the best Semantic Search product of the year. Evri is a semantic search engine with a matching algorithm that creates connections between people, products and concepts.

Conversation Aggregation went to Echo . Echo allows users to embed a simple line of javascript in their blogs in order to gather a real-time stream of Diggs, Tweets, comments and reactions.

Layer was judged the Augmented Reality products of the year.
The service places images and data on the mobile browser for a new form of location-based augmented reality discovery.

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