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2009 was a year full of innovative and great ideas .Some technology stories generated so many comments from people who follow technology and others who are looking out for startups that made it to the top and those that could not withstand the test of time.This post is aimed at recognizing the stories that made waves for both the right and wrong reasons.

The Top 10 Biggest Tech Stories for 2009 was captured by Techmeme and published by crenk makes mention of stories from google , ebay and facebook and the famous letter from Steve Jobs. Technology news that received the most reaction varies with every news site.Technology Stories are subjective with every site. Some sites took advantage of the end of year and published Top 10 Tech news stories of the decade .Popular stories that featured include the launch of Adwords by google, Itunes by Apple and the popular iphone release. Google was in the headlines a couple of times throughout the year 2009. Geekopedia managed to put up a list of some of the popular stories related to google. Their top 10 google stories for 2009 featured some of google’s product releases mergers and its acquisitions..The net’s landscape also saw a shakeup by some technologies. Top 7 Disruptions of the Year captured technologies from most sections of the technology industry, from real web technology to streaming music.Whilst at it you might also want to check out how twitter conquered the year 2009 . I believe twitter has created a lot of opportunities for other startups whose ideas are centered around the data twitter has been able to aggregates.
Finally, Infoworld has captured The top 10 technology stories of 2009 and I personally like their collection.Share stories you believe made a lot of impressions in the year 2009.