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Starting a company takes time and effort on the part of all entrepreneurs,the beginning could take many forms.Some prefer to bootstrap whilst others would rather seek investor funding. Investor funding could propel a startup to the top coupled with the connections and the network of experienced people you could be working.I am impressed with what is going on at Silicon Valley, California. Its a great place to either seek VC funds or bootstrap. Bootstrapping takes time and if you are not lucky you could remain small for a very long time. Some amount of funding is necessary to push a business to where it is suppose to reach. Its always difficult to know what exactly makes a startup succeed since it is not an exact science.Most founders depend on Startup resources they can find from others who have made it to the top.It is not a bad idea to rely on confessions of other startup founders . Aaron Patzer of made a presentation about how he started and it pays to read or listen to such speeches.

It is not suprising to me that a $12 Startup was Sold On Twitter For About $100,000 . What exactly did he so right to earn himself such profit. What makes his startup different from other startups who have applied the same concepts: Organic search engine optimization, social marketing, great leadership and possibly a good VC , good network ,you name them, but yet still only few get to the top.Others attract users for some time and before you know it, users do not come again. The business Sean Percival launched fetched him great money. Would you succeed if you tried the same thing. Others even suggest you can build a startup in seven days and under $500 . But can it really help you.

Top Female startup heroes you should know for inspiration and startup guide.

Blogs like : The startupcfo , techcrunch , mashable , Onstartups , Readwriteweb have been very useful. Share with us your impressions of top startups.

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