startup mentors
Finding startup mentors does not come easy. If you cannot find a mentor you can communicate with or a mentor who can invest time and resources into your startup, all hope is not lost.There are always other means and ways to benefit from entrepreneurs who are making impact in the technology industry.
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A lot of startup founders and entrepreneurs have a comprehensive online life where they share their work life and post resources they find useful online. Others maintain blogs and social media accounts where they share useful information. Google their names for their online digital feet.Follow their twitter accounts, and send them mails. You will be amazed at the results. You can begin with this list.

Find at least a few mentors that are knowledgeable about your market and type of startup. The more knowledgeable a mentor is about your market and type of startup, the more he or she will be able to see the market’s problem and help you with resources to help you build a realistic solution. Use Google reader people search ,if you have a name in mind. Google has made a recommendation of influential people you can follow ,check it out too.

Onstartup Answers have a lot of startup founders who answer questions about startups and technology. Do not hesitate to post a question to your mentor if you happen to find him or her there.

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