How to host your own blog

Hosting my own blog had always been a headache for me. When I settled on hosting my own blog, I started looking for articles on how to host your won blog with wordpress.
I started blogging at in the beginning as . Back then I started writing about my experiences as an software entrepreneur.I went through software entrepreneurship training at mest. My focus was on all sections of entrepreneurship. I began to realize I was reading a lot more articles on how startups are doing and which startups are getting the most traffic and which one’s are getting the most attention.My primary source of information was techcrunch and techmeme.They are still my favorites. was meant to take care of my curiosity to know which startups are doing well.I was mostly writing about top startup products that emerged from major startup conferences. I found new and good plug-ins to make blogging a lot more easier for me. But so long as I hosted it at,I was not allowed to upload my own plug-ins. I needed the freedom to upload my own plug-ins because I had come to know what these plug-ins can do for a blogger . I also needed the liberty to work with themes of my choice.

I will write about my domain registration in my next post.

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